Saturday, February 11, 2006

Reunion and Teachers From Our Past!!


The City of San Buenaventura (Ventura), California has become quite active in the support of the arts and artists. One way in which this manifests itself is in the recognition of local artists through the purchase of their work for the old court house, as well as in recognizing these fine artists with a ceremony and reception when the pieces are purchased.

On the evening of February 2nd, two of my instructors from the early 1980's came back to town to participate in this honor.

The city recognized several fine artists that night, but what really stood out for me was that Mr. Richard Phelps and Mr. Bill McEnroe were present, and a number of us - old students as well as fellow instructors - were privileged to see and visit with them. Hiroko Yoshimoto, another fine instructor I studied under, who still lives in the area, invited us to her fabulous hilltop studio for a private reception prior to the formal City reception.

Although I forgot my camera, I had my trusty cell phone with me and snapped off this photo. Standing left to right in the photo are Bill McEnroe (ret.), who was leaving right as I started attending VC; Harry Korn – Art History; Debra Mckillop who teaches a gallery management class; Gerd Koch (ret.) – Painting, Hiroko Yoshimoto (ret.) – I had her class in ink drawing but I know she taught several courses; Richard Phelps (ret.) – MY, I had him for drawing, advertising, color and design, acrylic and oil painting, and independent studies (phew!) and somehow he put up with me through all that; Barbara Harvey who now teaches the commercial design courses; and my old friend and classmate Kris Doe (now is San Luis Obispo) who came back to teach color and design and – I’m sorry Kris, I can’t remember what else you taught!

It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all - and I realize now that I must make an effort to go back out to visit Mr. Phelps in his Tennessee hideaway like I did back in '97, and see what wonderful Tennessee scenes he's been creating!

New Show at the Sea Breeze Art Gallery!

On February 4th a new show opened at the Sea Breeze Art Gallery, spotlighting our very talented fellow artist, Scott Sanders. Scott has been creating some very nice, tight paintings, drawings, and portraits and it is a pleasure to admire his mastery of pencil-work...but a little bird told me that Scott is looking at creating a few "looser" pieces and I'm anxious to see what he comes up with!

A number of other artists are represented in this show as well. I submitted one of my older pieces that is finally complete and framed, "Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat? 1949."

I also took this opportunity to unveil one other piece that has been on my mind for about twenty years and which I completed just in time for this show, "Dear Mother - 'Gator or Croc'?, 1929."

The show should run a little while longer and if you have a moment, why not stop by and check it out? Sea Breeze Art Gallery is located at 255 Laurel St. in Ventura, CA, and is the home of my Ventura studio.

Show at the Ventura Harbor Gallery!

Just one week following the Buenaventura Art Gallery Show, the Ventura Harbor Gallery had an open call for members and I was fortunate to have what, 3 weeks ago, was my newest piece, "Ice Skating with Pops, 1929" accepted into the show. It was not a competition, yet it still received an Award of Merit. Although the show at the Buenaventura Art Gallery is over and my piece is no longer showing, I believe the show at the Harbor continues a little longer.

Many good pieces by several artists are up in this show, and it's worth the trip to see them - and then it's nice to enjoy the harbor a little while before going home!